Monday, 15 March 2010

Astoria Trio - Bride

This is my first Astoria doll for the for the minidolllist Grand Astoria Hotel Project ( ).

I need to create a bride/wedding doll, a fantasy doll and a "Little Black Dress" doll. I also decided to add the additional theme of GOTHIC to my series of dolls (no surprise there).

This doll is being turned in the wedding doll. I have almost finished her, just need to drape her dress and make a bouquet of flowers. Of course she isnt dressed in white.

"Muffin Dolls?"

My first post - finally got around to it.
I made a start on some 1/24th scale dolls, dolls.
I was thinking of calling them "Muffin Dolls" due to their muffin shaped heads but will have to check I'm not copyrighting any names there. I will start dressing them once I have finished the 3 Astoria Dolls.
Also in the picture are a pair of 1/48th scale dolls with the same muffin style head. If they look OK when they are dressed, I will make some more.