Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Website

My second website is up and ready to go:

For those who don't know, I already own Mollys House Miniatures which focuses on smaller scales. I didn't want to confuse thing by adding lots of 1/12th scale so I set up a fresh site.
Angela's Minis and the Little Folk

Eventually this website will focus on my dolls, a few accessories and other odd bits and pieces for doll making.
Now it is more like a car boot/garage sale of all sorts of 1/12th scale items. Stuff that was left over from selling on ebay a couple of years back.

 There are lots of magic/wizardy bottles and other accessories
 Dolls, dressed and undressed, mainly the cheap economy type that I have aquired when buying job lots.
 Lots of shop and pub furniture and accessories. These are mainly what I focused on when selling on ebay.
I have added some items into the "Bargin Basement" at really low prices. Most of what's on the website at the moment has to go so I will keep reducing prices adding items the this section until they have sold.

I still have another box full of items to add but now I think there are enough items listed to offically cut the red ribbon and open shop.

Nearly forgot the Magazines - There is a section with lots of old (and not so old)magazines. The Dolls House Magazine, Dolls House and Miniature Scene, Dolls House World and a couple of issues of American Miniaturist.

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