Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Current Project

My house (that's my real house) is awash with UFOs. No, not the sort that may contain little green men, but the "UnFinshed Objects" of the miniature sort. One of these UFOs is a 1/24th scale Gypsy Caravan or a Ledge Wagon made from a kit from McQueenie Miniatures - they are not cheap but they are well made and have good, clear instructions and I have them on my web site if you're interested.

The idea was to quickly make it up and paint it to give my customers a picture of a finished wagon. But, being me, it was never going to be so simple.

I started to put it together as the instructions and while waiting for glue to dry I researched colours and interiors ready for painting. That's when I saw the panelling on the exterior of the caravans - "that would be so easy to add to my wagon". So out came my tiny strips of wood and my chopper and I chopped and stuck and chopped and stuck.....it wasn't too difficult, but very time consuming. The result was so worth it.

The caravan is never going to be an exact replica but I hope by spending a little more time and a little research, it will give more of a feeling of the Romani life than if I'd just slapped a coat of paint on it.
I have done quite abit more since this last photo and tomorrow I will try and add some more recent pictures.

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