Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ledge Caravan - 1/24th scale

This is the ledge caravan as it stands today. It has it's background coat of paint and I will be adding some tiny painted decoration to the outside. I have attatched the carriage lamps and they are working lights, with the wiring passing invisiably through a hole at the back to the inside. No door at the moment - well it did have a door but I took it off because it opened the wrong way.

The oil lamp inside is also a working light. The wires passing around the back of the mahogany cupboards, out onto the seat area and through a hole in the corner or the side of the bed. The back of the seat was intended as the seat, but as I wanted an upholstered seat, I am using it as the back. The wire on the seats will be covered up with upholstery.

The opposite side showing the stove which needs some bling.
The under bed area provides a perfect space for the wiring and battery. I have also cut out a hole for a tiny switch - I didn't want to be taking the roof off and the bed out to put the lights on.

Next job is to solder the wires to the switch and the battery clip.


  1. Me encanta el trabajo que estas haciendo en tu caravana!!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias, Ascension.

    My first comment :o)

  3. cant wait to see the finished work!

  4. I love Gypsy Wagons. I can't wait to see this finished with the lights on. :)


  5. oh, this has the potential to be something amazing! ♥ Id love one of these, cant wait to see what you do with it :o)

  6. hi angela, the caravan is gorgous im just planning on starting mine after christmas have you made progress on the caravan since the last photo?its gonna be so gorgous when its done!!!!caz

  7. hi angela,
    well i last comented on 28th september 2012 ive only just got round to starting my caravan making great progress hows yours coming on it would be wonderfull to see an update picture ive searched the net and i cant find any finished 1/24th vans there all 1 1/12th hugs caz

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