Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More on the shop (1/24th)

I have done a little more on the shop box. Finished all the brick work, painted outside and almost finished painting inside.

I have used a different door to that which came with the kit as this did not have a window. I used a cheap wooden Georgian door and removed the top 4 panels by simply cutting through with a craft knife. Then used some thin strips of wood for a frame and some plastic off some packaging for the window.

The floor tiles are terracota paper clay with an antique wash. This my first attempt at floor tiles using this method and it was a little tricky as I was going to use plastic tiles so I'd already put the walls together. None the less I was happy with the result.

The walls are painted a lovely Victorian green which I can't get to show up too well on the pictures so you will have to take my word.

This picture show the inside of the front wall..
Here's a close up of the brick work. I love the result of this brick method. Looks very realistic but then it is called "Realistic brick compond".

Below is a video from the makers of this product, showing the process of stencilling the bricks.

I want to just add one thing to the video. They say you can add the stencil back on before the first lot of bricks is dry, but I found I was squashing some of the wet bricks, so I quickly dried the overlapping area a llittle with a hair dryer.


  1. ¡Cuanto trabajo llevas adelantado! Te está quedando preciosa. Besos Clara.

  2. ¡Bienvenida a mi blog! Besos Clara.

  3. Tu tienda esta quedando preciosa.
    Me encantan las paredes y el suelo.
    El color que has eegido queda genial.
    Muchas gracias por los consejos.
    besitos ascension

  4. It all looks very professional. I am very interested in your work with terracotta clay as I have just purchased some for my project. It looks great.

  5. Love the shop and the video tutorial is very interesting, makes it looks so easy :-)