Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tutorial: 1/24th scale mop

This is one of my tutorials from my old web site. It is for a 1/24th scale (halfscale) mop but you can double the measurements to make a 1/12th scale mop.

 1. You will need: cocktail stick, tread, glue, sandpaper and scissors.
 2. Cut the points off the cocktail stick to make it approx. 5 cm long. Sand down the ends to round them off.
3.Cut several pieces of thread to approx. 3.5cm lengths and 2 longer pieces (approx. 10cm). 
4. Tie the 2 longer pieces around the others at iether side of the centre. 

Tip: If you fold the threads over now, and try them next to your mop, you will be able to see if you have too many or too few threads. Add or take away as needed and re-tie
 5. Push the cocktail stick through the centre of the bunch of threads, inbetween the ties.

 6. If you have difficulty getting it through, use a pointed cocktail stick to open up the hole a little first.
 7. Split the threads at each side and pull apart. This should move the ties closer to the stick and make it a tighter fitting.
8. Cut another piece of thread about 20 cm long, you will need this soon.
9. Put some glue around the threads and stick as shown. 
 10. Press the threads down on the glue and the stick.

 11. Take the long thread (I have used blue so you can see it better) and lay it across the others about 6 cm from one end.
 12. With your other hand, pinch the threads together as close to the top of the mop as possible.

 13. Start wrapping the long thread around the top of the mop. This is a little tricky and it may take a few goes before you get it close enough to the top and tight enough.

 14. Tie the 2 ends of the long thread together, tight. Add a little glue around the top of the mop to stop the thread moving or coming unfastened.
 15. Trim the threads off at the bottom to about 13mm long and there you have it, one mop.
I hope you can understand the instructions, words have never been my strong point. 
The small print: For personal use only. Anything else, ask first.


  1. Genial! Gracias por el tutorial.
    Un abrazo

  2. Sweet tutorial! I love your mini blog and am so glad I found it today! :-) Jennifer

  3. Thank you for this nice tutorial Angela!

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  5. Thanks for the great tutorial! It is great to have more in half scale - it is limited in the range of accessories available, as I have learned since doing my Fairfield. Sandie

  6. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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