Sunday, 6 May 2012

1/48th scale shop

Well it might not have been on my list of thiings to do, but I did it and finished it, which is a rare occasion for me. I am talking about a 1/48th scale shop kit from Jane Harrop shown in these pictures. I was adding some of Jane's new kits to my website and just had to have one of these for myself.
Instructions were easy to follow and everything was quite easy to put together. Nothing too fiddley.
Now all it needs is an occupant.

I have some of Jane's 1/48th scale and 1/24th scale kits on my website.

You can also buy them direct from Jane.

I have been away from writing on blogger for awhile and I have plenty of mini things to show and share in future posts including a skeleton rock band. I also realised I have passed the 100 followers mark and not had the celebratory giveaway, so I might have to do something about that.


  1. Perfectly gorgeous tiny house.

  2. It really is cute, I love the patina on the walls particularly.

  3. It's hard enough working in the larger scales, I can't imagine how much work goes in to making something this small! Miniature roof and floor tiles for dollhouses

  4. Nice!


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